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I am still working on it. In the meantime,  I am traveling around the world with my Keynote Speech Welcome to Disruptionland.


Welcome to Disruptionland


Tom Lightning
Keynote Speaker

You‘re looking for a speaker for your event but are fed up with the usual selection on offer and want something a little different to entertain your delegates and also to make them think?

Tom’s style is original and personal. His highly energetic delivery and practical takeaways inspire audiences. Clean and visual slides reinforce his message. Tom customizes each talk to connect deeply with his audiences and make clients’ events a success. Tom Lightning is a professional member of the PSA Holland (Professional Speaker Association)

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may I present myself

Tom Lightning

specialist in positive communication.


25th of May I am a speaker at Elevate, the international speaker conference in Paris. This is the promo.

This is my Catapultizer. The interactive Angry Bird with a microphone.

The Catapultizer

This is a great tool to have interaction with your audience. The ‘angry bird’ is Catapulized in the room and there is a microphone hidden inside. So, anyone who catches the bird is a part of the plenary discussion.

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year's experience

Three reasons to book tom ligntning:

High Energy Keynote Speaker

  • Tom delivers high energy, enthusiasm, and excitement that lasts long after the event
  • Motivational, inspirational and with take-home value
  • He is excellent as an opener, after lunch or closing of the day

A real eye opener

  • Where innovation is an evolution of a single product, disruption is the revolution of an entire category
  • The lesson for leaders? Disruption is not just about technology changing; it is about changing the logic of a business
  • Do you need to hurry? Some inventions require multiple phases of evolution before they reach their final form
  • We are going from a linear world to an exponential world.
  • Having experience is no longer an advantage, it means you are an expert of the past

Power talk to motivate and inspire your audience

  • Rather than relying on the same thing they were doing yesterday, it’s about understanding what tomorrow brings, then adjusting and aligning with those trends”
  • Tom shows it is possible to laugh at work and about work.
  • He is a clean speaker and comedian who is now shaking up work environments
  • They will be engaged. They will laugh. But most importantly they will leave with a new perspective that helps them deal with the genuine stresses of change
Video Testimonials

What is disruptive innovation?

A disruptive innovation helps create a new market and value network. The innovation eventually disrupts an existing market and value network. An important note is that while the concept of disruptive technology is widely used, “disruptive innovation” is a more useful concept because few technologies are intrinsically disruptive. It is the business model and not the technology that enables and creates the disruptive effect.

The term was defined by Clayton M. Christensen beginning in 1995.

Tom Lightning

Keynote speaker
You‘re looking for a speaker who knows how to hold an audience’s attention. You‘d like a speaker who works to find the right Keynote for your audience and who enjoy actively engaging your audience with interaction.

His preparation includes company website research, phone conferences and maybe even a personal visit!

Tom Lightning is like an ignition switch for audiences!

The Experience is a content-rich, inspirational and entertaining keynote that is a real eyeopener

Disruptive Innovation

Do we have to take this seriously?

Tom Lightning

Keynote Speaker and comedian.

Tom Sligting is a theater man pur sang. He has been on stage for 25 years en has given more than 4000 theater shows. Most of them were unique shows specially written for a conference or business meeting. He is excellent as an opener, after lunch or closing off the day.

dealing with disruption

Is  Disruption a threat?
It is for sure that something is going on. So you can better be prepared. You can call it Disruption or a challenge or business as usual.

Book the Keynote Welcome to Disruptionland and use it as an eyeopener.

is it a buzzword?

We hear a lot about disruptive innovation; the phrase has gone mainstream.

While it’s now a buzzworthy-term, most of us use it without knowing what exactly it means.

Tom Lightning

Come in and enjoy the ride…