Let’s talk about Adaptability

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Online Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech on stage

Tom Sligting

Virtual Lobby

Before the meetings start, I can welcome everybody in the Virtual Lobby. Explain the program and tell some rules.

The Virtual Bar

In the break, we can go to the Virtual Bar. Unique in Webinar land.

Youre Idea is welcome

Do you have an idea of what you would like to do? Contact me and we will work it out. 

Your slide show?

Do you have your own background slides? Maybe a movie? Anything is possible.

Keynote Speech

You‘re looking for a speaker who knows how to hold an audience’s attention ONLINE?. You‘d like a speaker who works to find the right Keynote for your audience and who enjoy actively engaging your audience with interaction?  You just found him. 

FORMULA to disrupt yourself

Let’s not talk about change; let’s talk about taking action to find a better version of yourself to make the difference. The formula is a great takeaway.


They will be engaged. I deliver high energy, reflection, enthusiasm, and excitement that lasts long after the event.

Online Studio

I have a State-of-the-art Studio with professional sound and light. My possibilities for hosting or giving an online speech are huge. 

Global Speaker

I am a professional member of the PSA Holland (Professional Speaker Association)

Creative answers

Find your answers at places where nobody looks. Great examples in the Keynote Speech. Beautiful slides and films.


They will laugh and they will leave with a new perspective that helps them deal with the genuine stresses of change.


For 25 years, I have made tailor-made shows for events, and more than 4000 performances.


Unique reminders

I have created yellow (caution wet floor) signs with the text Caution Disruption Ahead.

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