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Global Keynote Speaker Tom Sligting

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Tom Sligting Keynote speaker about Adaptabilty


Tom Sligting 

A comedian with a serious message and an expert in adapting to disruption through creativity. This expertise was acquired through an unforeseen career change at an early age, performing for live audiences for over 30 years on the stage, successfully adapting to a multitude of challenging and disruptive audiences, and reinventing yourself in the light of all that Covid has thrown at the Arts industry. Professional to his core in style, approach, imagery, and ensures event remote sessions are packed with engaging images and activities, and in-person events are lively, engaging, memorable, and most of all, transformational.

Eight steps to be Adaptable

Eight steps to be more adaptable:
  1. Zoom out / stay calm
  2. Be open-minded – take risk
  3. Improvise – be creative
  4. Dig deeper – look around you
  5. Ask What if questions 
  6. Unlearn – enlarge your adaptability skill
  7. Think big
  8. Have fun! – Humor is the battery of problem-solving
How to:

1. Zoom out / stay calm

Could you put it in perspective? Take someone into confidence – stay professional.

2.  Be open-minded – take risk

If this is hard for you, start with small steps. Monitor the change – keep pushing.

3. Improvise – be creative

Everyone can be creative; Creativity is nothing more than combining two things you already know. You have to tell yourself what you want. Otherwise, you will never find a way to do it. 

4. How to Dig deeper – look around you

Do you have a question? Write down your first answer. Then answer it again, without using what you just wrote. Could you do it again? You will see, now, there is an answer that is different than the first one. Find out if you can make a final solution with all the answers you gave. Make it specific. 

5. Ask What if questions

By asking what-if questions, you are thinking in possibilities. That is a great way to be more adaptable because you think about what can happen in the future. This is also the base to be open-minded – to be creative. And What-if questions are the key to be more adaptable. 

6. Unlearn – enlarge your adaptability skill

Now it is inevitable that you are doing things differently. You can accelerate that by unlearning the things that hold you down. Find out what they are, look ‘them’ in the eye, and deal with it. 

7. How to Think big

Now we talk about exponential change. Think Big might be easy; still, for most people, this is the hardest one. This is a combination of being open-minded, being creative, and dig deeper with what-if questions. Do you dare to do this without even having one leg in your comfort zone?

8. How to Have fun!

If you don’t like what you are doing, the chance that you will quit is more than 63,78 %. Don’t ask. I want to point out you have to have fun. Humour is the petrol of this process. Laugh about your mistakes. If you can’t, tell them to me and I will do the laughing for you. To make you feel better. So, have fun; Even if you put your face in a smile and think of something, you will come up with a better answer. 

Problems with:
  1. Talk to an expert
  2. Unlearn… disrupt your beliefs
  3. Take action – don’t mind making mistakes
  4. Give four different answers to a question
  5. Dream! How would you like it?
  6. Find out what your Adaptability Quotient is – work on it. 
  7. Be the kid – no boundaries
  8. This is the petrol of your project – stress will hold you down, even stop – Having fun will make you go. 


Are you looking for this?

Disruption is the problem.

Adaptation is the solution



 Tom is an energetic, high-energy speaker with lots of content and humor. He was mastering the stage; we loved the way he was interacting with our audience. If you have an event? Tom is your man.

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keynote speaker Tom Lightning aka Tom Sligting best choice for meetings and conferences disruptive innovation topic
keynote speaker Tom Lightning aka Tom Sligting best choice for meetings and conferences disruptive innovation topic
keynote speaker Tom Lightning aka Tom Sligting best choice for meetings and conferences disruptive innovation topic