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Add Fun

Fun is the petrol of your engine

What if you can measure your Adaptability, providing insights and tools to help individuals, teams, and organizations adapt quickly to our everchanging world of work. This energetic, humorous speech gives you all the insights and content you need to know to take the next step.

Having fun is crucial

Having fun is crucial to me.
I am a keynote speaker, but I am
for 26 years as a stand-up comedian with more than 4500 shows.
Why is fun in your work
critical to you too
If you have fun in something, if you have the joy of life,
then that brings with it a certain energy.
This energy is the basis for a change.
See it as your mental immune system.
Fun is the petrol of your engine.
Stay Foolish, Steve Jobs said.

I wonder what would happen if…? 

Standup Comedian

Why do I like adaptation?
And why do I find that so fascinating?

Am I an expert?
I don’t know. Is there a world championship in adaptability?
Olympic Games?
That would be nice:

You go there as a runner, you are qualified,
For the 100 meters

And instead of running, you have to enter the ring for a boxing match.

As a speaker or comedian, you must adapt your story to the circumstances.
These are not enormous adjustments,
as with macroeconomic issues.
But precisely because you do it a little bit daily,
don’t be afraid if the rudder has to be turned.
You train yourself to be flexible.