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Disrupt yourself: Riverhike

Sometimes you have to Disrupt Yourself. Last summer a couple of diehards and myself did a river hike, Business Class. In the river Do Mondego in Portugal, five km ice-cold water. It was all about mindset. Was great!. #riverhike #mindset #disruptyourself #disruptionland #tomlightning #keynotespeaker #keynote #catapultman

Disruption Ahead Sign

This is a great reminder! The biggest fear after a great convention is the next day, business as usual. Not after the Speech of Tom Lightning. You can place these signs at the entrance, in the hall, and in the office. And, they are also available in a desk version > Disruption in Progress.

Disrupt yourself. How?

In my keynote speech, welcome to disruptionland, I talk about how to disrupt yourself.  Because company’s do not disrupt, people do. How do you do that?

I filmed this in my backyard, and it is a living metaphor for what I mean by disrupting yourself.

You might be in a creative process, and you are stuck. It feels like somebody is drawing a line, and you can not go across that line.

You feel like this Caterpillar. Have a look.

He could easily walk over that line, but something is holding him back. So you have to find another way out. Let’s say we draw it on paper; we disrupt the circle with an exit. Complete with an arrow.

Let’s see what happens next.

So if you are stuck, ask better questions, keep asking, dig deeper and find your way out.  Good luck.

 If the Caterpillar can do it, you can do it.

Content Keynote Speech

We make more than 30.000 decisions every day.

Most of them are subconscious.

But even with the most critical questions, we tend to go for the easy answers.

For better answers, you have to Disrupt yourself.

How? I want to demonstrate that with this bottle of wine.

You have your daily funnel of 30.000 questions and a bottle with all the answers.

Sometimes, if you want better answers… It’s ok to spill. To Disrupt yourself.

That’s what I call Dig Deeper, you know why?

 This is why,

By digging deeper you will find better solutions and more significant opportunities. Bigger opportunities.

So, if you have a meeting and you are looking for a keynote speaker,

And you don’t want to talk about change, but you want to make a difference, you want action, energy, and laughter?

My name is Tom Lightning, global keynote speaker.

Please, find out what the Keynote speech Welcome to Disruptionland can do for you.