What can we learn from an octopus

17 Clips

1. Change is the magic word

How often have you heard it,

or have you have said it yourself?

we’re going to do it differently.

That is often easier said than done.

That is what this speech is about;

How do you do that?

2. Three is the magic number

you may know that the best speeches have three topics.

I have it all.

Three topics start with the letter A.

3. my most significant takeaway

It is a fact, that every speech you hear,

There’s only a small part you remember.

Maybe one sentence…

I will give you that sentence

4. Adaptability is a soft skill

The hard skills are often easy to measure. 

You would say it’s hard to compare soft skills

because you can’t really give them a rating. 

5. we love figures. 

In fact, it is pretty strange that we do not yet give figures to our soft skills. 

Because, when it comes to the way we live, 

doing business

then we love figures. 

Then we measure and know everything

Reports, charts, 

internet of things, big data, track records

6. a dashboard with your personal information?

So, you know what you are good at and what soft skills you should pay attention to. 

What should you learn? 

Or maybe You need to unlearn something 

7. Having fun is crucial

Why is having fun also

critical to you?

If you have fun,

To overcome any feelings of disappointment

it creates a certain energy. 


Do you want to know everything on how to be Adaptable?

9. world championship in adaptability

Why do I like adaptability? 

Am I an expert? 

10. you must adapt your story

Why do I like adaptability? 

Am I an expert? 

11. everything under control

If you know everything in advance, you’ll lie down before you fall. 

12. make tough decisions

I realize that having fun in your work, 

You can’t just turn that on. 

You can’t buy it either.

However, you decide if this will work. 

It starts with the correct state of mind. 

13. I would like to tell you a story

The right state of mind

 is not something that is fixed;

you can work on it,

Just like your fitness,

but also as your adaptability 

You can improve them.

14. you have programmed your body

Looking angry is making you tired. 

If you want to feel energetic at the end of the day, 

You better smile.

15. soft skill does not sound tough

I am on an improvement plan for my perseverance. 


You don’t hear that.  

You don’t see that 

16. can be said in a thousand ways

And each way has another intention or effect of that sentence. 

Not just for your colleagues‚ 

But also if you ask yourself a question,

it also matters how you do it. 

17. an octopus is such a fascinating animal

For the first 360 million years 

 the Octopus had a shell on his back.

One day, it was a beautiful day,

he forgot the shell

And thought. That’s okay