Let’s talk about Adaptability

Studio Interview

Human Being

Tabitha Cooper

Founder & CEO of Change Management & Innovation consultancy Singing Sphere AB

marine biology student

Lawrence Scheele

“The beauty of the ocean and all it encapsulates can not be experienced entirely in one lifetime”


Julian Mather

If you feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, you don’t know what to say & you find video too technical I’ll help you show up on video so you earn more trust,authority,clients

Talks about #hiringtips, #leadership, #adaptability, #futureofwork, and #talentacquisition

Ira Wolfe

Terrified and fascinated by VUCA-level change | Millennial in a Baby Boomer Body | Future of Work Global Thought Leader

Productivity Explorer

Sagar Amlani

Productivity & Strategy Consultant | Strategic Sourcing Specialist : Knitting Fabric- Non Woven – Additives for Faux leather | Author | Global Speaker | LinkedIn Strategist

Talks about #socialmedia, #communications, #publicrelations, #contentmarketing, and #personalbranding

Trevor Young

Content-led communications specialist | emphasis on strategy, coaching & guidance | personal branding for credible professionals > helping leaders/experts build recognition and reputation for greater influence and impact

Talks about #connecting, #buildingtrust, #relationshipbuilding, #businessrelationships, and #professionaldevelopment

Patrick Galvin

Galvanizing high-performance companies and teams to build better business relationships | Speaker | Author | Coach

The Seenager, GenBridger

Neerja Singh

Training leaders to foster workplace respect and assert ethical influence through generational relevance

Anand Tamboli

Award-winning Author • Innovator • Futurist • Business Creativity and Innovation Keynote Speaker • A polymath helping you connect the dots

Talks about #eventprofs, #meetingprofs, #eventindustry, #virtualevents, and #businessevents

Futurist Jim Carroll

Global Futurist. Professional Optimist. Keynote Speaker. Trends & Leadership Expert.

Ronald provides assistance to CEOs, Entrepreneurs, presenters, speakers and trainers

Ronald Lee

Trainer & Consultant, IPMA(UK) Certified – Visual Storyteller | Presentations Designer

Speaking area: 1-Economic inclusion 2-Entrepreneurship 3-listening

Tariq Mohammadi

Serial Entrepreneur-Speaker/ Author-translator/ Economist-Controller

Talks about #coaching, #creativity, #innovation, #humanresources, and #transformation

Michael Lee

Creativity and Innovation are simple & what humans do best.💥 I guide leaders & teams to breakthroughs & train/certify coaches to facilitate them. 🤟🏾 Writer Speaker Filmmaker Founder of Innotivity

Talksabout#publicspeaking, #leadershipspeaker, and #inspirationalquotes

Sgt Lloyd Luna

Author, Professional Speaker, Leadership and Communication Expert in the Philippines. Originator of Stepback® Leadership and Intentional Transformation®

Talks about #culture, #innovation, #humanresources, #personaldevelopment, and #emotionalintelligence

Jessica Breitenfeld

Training Team Trust; Getting your ideas the attention they deserve. European Pitch Expert. Award 2nd ´Best Speaker´ in London PSA´21

20 years working & project experience 

Seelan V. Karthi

Trusted Global Trainer & Coach in Design Thinking, Innovation Mgmt. Entrepreneurship, Digital Transformation & CX

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