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Eomonn O'brein

Bloody Amazing with a great massage.

Christof van Doninck

Another way to look at change, discover new ways to apply in your business and our private life.

Bob Hooey

He made us think, what can we do to disrupt our lives?

Fredrik Haren

Tom can not only make the people laugh, but he can also make people think and get the message.

Lindsay Adams

Humor and Pathos, if you want a good gut with a great presentation, Tom is your man.

Andrew Bryan

Tom made a great impact.

Jerome Joseph

Humor, authentic and the way he structures his content was great.


Tom is Lightning, its full of value and make people think.

Joe Augusto

If you want to know how far you can push your audience, you have to have Tom Sligting…


It was really impressive and mindblowing


It made an impact and please do come to Malaysia.


If you are looking for a speaker with humor and really good content he is your guy.

Cyriel Kortleven

He really kicked ass and the whole got it!

Glenn Sharky

In the matter of a conference speaker you couldn’t go wrong, Tom is amazing

Kiruba Shanker

It was a class act, very informative.


He was making it funny, connecting. Great learning.

Eugene Wong

Super inspiring, speaks from the heart.


The ability to make an audience laugh. I wish I had the skills.


I had a blast, he is a guy you just have to see.


It was absolutely phenomenal, highly recommend him.


He is good, and I loved his energy.

R Michelle

I loved his presentation and would highly recommend him.


Look forward to his next talk.

He is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic speakers I have ever seen.

Tom Lightning


Tom Sligting

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Tom Sligting is Professional member  van de PSA

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