Tom is Lightning, its full of value and makes people think.

Glenn Sharky

In the matter of a conference speaker you couldn’t go wrong, Tom is amazing


It made an impact and please do come to Malaysia.


I had a blast, he is a guy you just have to see.

Bob Hooey

He made us think, what can we do to disrupt our lives?

Christof van Doninck

Another way to look at change, discover new ways to apply in your business and our private life.

Eamonn O’Brein

Bloody Amazing with a great massage.

Eksteen de Waal

The audience will be the recipients of an amazing massage.

Last Year’s Highlights

Lots of fun, surprising and a massage

Frank Hagenhow

I loved his energy and will recommend him. 

Phillipe de Boulanger

He is going to Catapult you in different ways, to Dig Deeper. 

Rachel Audige

It was awesome!!!

French lady


Amira Amish

It is amazing that Disruption is actually a positive thing


Blew my mind, great show, great talk

Fredrik Hären

If you wanna get paid, you have to be funny

Spontaneous reaction

It was so much energy and surprising

Hervé Franceschi

If you want to be impressed once in your life, you need Tom…

Joyce van Binsbergen

Disrupt and dig deeper, that’s what you have to know. 

Thorsten Jekkel

He is using an Angry Bird to interact with the audience, that’s just one little piece. 

Testimonials Tom Lightning